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Do not disassemble the camlock coupling

Do not disassemble the camlock coupling. Stainless steel camlock coupling use note: 1. Please do not apply fluid other than fluid. 2. Do not use the maximum use of pressure restrictions. 3. Do not use outside the use of temperature range, to prevent the sealing material caused by wear or leakage. 4. Do not carry out artificial hit, bending, stretching, to prevent damage...



Pay attention to sealing when purchase camlock coupling

Camlock coupling is applicable to these media: acid, lye, gas, water, oil and other media. Camlock coupling for the transmission of gas and liquid, can be achieved without leakage from the oil, chemical and all kinds of industrial vapor liquid transport, with interlocking mechanism, in the absence of docking, the handle can not open the valve, to prevent errors operating. The...


Camlock Coupling

K&G is coupling manufacturer, we have been in the field of manufacturing camlock coupling nearly 20 years, Our camlock fitting do 100% testing before leaving, and has received warm welcome and good reputation among our worldwide clients.



Introduction to the camlock coupling control valve

One of the main drawbacks of camlock coupling double seal type valve (such as double seat valve, double seal sleeve valve, etc.) is the large leakage. But before the 80s of last century, due to the more popular sleeve valve, however, many manufacturers have a great effort in the sleeve valve to improve the structure to reduce the leakage, so that it evolved into a very complex ...



K&G new domain name description

In order to better develop the company’s camlock coupling business, K&G decided to enable the domain name: as the company’s new domain name, will be used with the old domain But later we will be mainly using the domain name, hope new and old customers like our new website.




Washing and maintenance of stainless steel camlock coupling

As we all know, as stainless steel products have high corrosion resistance and other high-quality characteristics, be popular by the majority of people. In people’s daily lives, we have been inseparable from the stainless steel camlock coupling. In the major areas, are ultimately its shadow. Such as construction, transportation, daily life and so on. However, stainless steel ...


Nature characteristics of camlock Coupling

The camlock coupling is a joint that does not require the use of the tool to enable the pipe to be quickly connected or disconnected. Camlock couplings are available in two configurations: both ends are closed and open at both ends. The inner body of the joint body has a one-way valve spool. When the two joint bodies are separated, the one-way valve core is pushed by the spring...


Stainless steel camlock coupling working pressure

Camlock coupling is a pipe joint that does not require the use of tools and can be quickly disassembled. It has compact structure, small size, light weight, high pressure resistance and interchangeable advantages. The camlock coupling are widely used in hydraulic, pneumatic and pneumatic pipelines such as aerospace, metallurgy, mining, forging, coal, oil, shipbuilding, machine...


The basic method of camlock coupling adhesive

(1) Resistance to media performance Camlock coupling in different properties of gas or annixture of the media in the adhesive force is quite different, and even the work process of the corner of the individual is mainly air, water, oil and acid. When using adhesives, you should choose the medium-resistant adhesive

(2) Adhesive strength The bond strength is divided into...


The advantages of the ball valve

1. Fluid resistance is small, full diameter ball valve basically without flow resistance. 2. Close and reliable. It has two sealing surface, and the ball valve sealing surface material widely used in a variety of plastic, good sealing, can achieve a complete seal. In the vacuum system has also been widely used. 3. Structure is simple, size is small and weight is light. 4. Easy...